Enjoy the support and relief offered by this As-Seen-on-TV Copper-Fit Back Pro L-XL. The strength of its compression technology provides more confidence during movement. Wear this copper-infused back brace under everyday clothing and sports outfits to apply firm pressure to your lower back muscles as you walk, stretch, bend and run. Adjustable straps allow you to find a custom fit for the right hold and continuous comfort. The moisture-wicking fabric of this copper-infused back support helps absorb sweat and odors to keep you dry and confident on your most active days. Its strong hold allows a greater degree of mobility. Forget all about this lightweight band after you quickly wrap it around your middle. Its contoured shape flattens your belly area as the brace hugs you discreetly under any clothing. A uni-sex look makes the As-Seen-on-TV Copper-Fit Back Pro L-XL a wonderful gift for men and women with a busy, high-energy lifestyle!
However, Copper Fit Back is manufactured by Copper Fit, who also makes a line of copper-infused elbow and knee compression sleeves. Based on more than 80 HighYa reviews, Copper Fit products have an average rating of 2 stars (as of 1/5/14), with common complaints citing poor quality products that don’t perform as advertised, long shipping times, difficulty placing orders (e.g. order totals were much higher and included more products than intended), and poor customer service (reps unwilling to help, numerous upsells during calls, etc.).
Instead of wicking away sweat like the Copper Fit Socks, many other sport socks will trap sweat and its accompanying odors in the socks and your shoes. This ends up making feet very smelly once the shoes and socks are taken off. Furthermore, most pairs of sport socks do not provide compression or offer the numerous benefits of copper that these ones do.
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After you put them on, these gloves deliver gentle compression to the hands, wrists, and fingers, which'll help relieve aches, pains or any other type of discomfort you may feel within those areas. You can adjust the level of compression by adjusting the tightness of the wrist strap on each glove. If you pull the strap tighter, the compression level will increase, while it'll decrease if you leave it looser. The Copper Fit Gloves have also been designed to help increase circulation, so if you have poor circulation for any reason, you may find them helpful in that way, too.

The only hitch? There’s little to no reliable scientific evidence that the copper/compression combo does what manufacturers are claiming. Which is why Tommie Copper and its founder Thomas Kallish agreed to pay $1.35 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they deceptively advertised their copper-infused garments that are priced between $29.50 and $69.50. The proposed federal court order imposes an $86.8 million judgment, which will be partially suspended upon payment of $1.35 million by the defendants.

Make sure that you stay active when you have these Copper Hands Compression Gloves. They're stylish and designed with several infused embellishments. Copper Hands gloves provide soothing relief when you put them on. They give you comfort and support for wrists, fingers and hands while helping to eliminate pain. The ultra-light breathable fabric is suitable for year-round use. Plus, the open fingertips are helpful for using any touchscreen device like a smartphone or tablet. These arthritis gloves are handy for working on your favorite hobbies, completing common household tasks like opening jars and much more. They're available in your choice of assorted sizes.

Harmon Myers, D.O., a member of the faculty of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, said in an interview on drweil.com that a back brace “by its very nature limits the motion of certain muscles, which over a long-term weakens an area. Postural problems usually require exercises and evaluation of the patient’s workplace by an occupational therapist.”
Copper Fit began as a line of compression products designed to help stabilize and support muscle, provide support for pain, stiffness and soreness, and aid in recovery and performance by supporting improved circulation and oxygenation. Copper’s natural properties provide protection against bacteria that can cause stains, odors and deterioration of products. Copper Fit’s unique compression support can improve circulation and reduce swelling, helping you stay comfortable and supported all day long. Big and Tall up to 4XL.
You are eligible for a full refund if no ShippingPass-eligible orders have been placed. You cannot receive a refund if you have placed a ShippingPass-eligible order. In this case, the Customer Care team will remove your account from auto-renewal to ensure you are not charged for an additional year and you can continue to use the subscription until the end of your subscription term.
Copper Fit® knows what it's like when you are unable to perform at your best. We know the cycle of soreness, pain, and longer recovery periods. We believe there is a better way. We are motivated by the idea of living in a world with less pain and increased mobility; encouraged by new technologies, materials, and fabrics designed to improve performance, support joints and muscles and aid in recovery. Millions of people, from extreme athletes to everyday people, have already benefited from Copper Fit® products. We always keep them and our mission in mind: to seek new technologies that support vibrant, healthy lifestyles.

Copper Fit comes with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H charges. This means that if you decide to return your sleeves, you’ll immediately lose nearly $16 in S&H charges, in addition to whatever it will cost to ship them back to the manufacturer. In reality, you might end up losing more in S&H charges than you’ll receive as a refund, which is a tactic many ASOTV products use.