Makers of copper-infused compression sports apparel have also made other unproven claims beyond those addressed in the court settlement. For example, Tommie Copper claims that its products “improve muscle recovery and performance,” and another purveyor called Primary Health Sports claims its compression sleeves “enhance sport performance." However, there is little evidence that shows the efficacy of compressing muscles to improve athletic performance. While some small studies have shown a slight improvement in performance and slightly faster recovery from muscle swelling and pain, most others, including studies of runners, cyclists, and kayakers, have failed to prove that wearing compression garments gave these athletes an edge. To date, there are no large-scale, well-designed studies that have revealed a meaningful link between compression garments and improved athletic performance.
I bought this for my husband who had knee surgery several years ago. After an hour commute each day, his knee aches. After a couple of hours of wearing his CopperFit in the evenings, he gets very respectable relief. He tried wearing it all day once day, but the band wanted to roll down once at the top creating an uncomfortable bind after a while. He says it might just be that he should have noticed the fold earlier, but he has decided to just wear it a few hours at night. For the money, this has been a wonderful solution to his achy knee issue. I thought it a good investment and bought a second one. Worth the money if it makes my husband happy.
“It’s tempting to believe that wearing certain clothing will eliminate severe pain, but Tommie Copper didn’t have science to back its claims,” said Jessica Rich, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “If you see an ad for a product that promises to replace the need for drugs or surgery, talk to a healthcare professional before you spend your money,” Rich said in a statement from the FTC.
i purchased 2 of these sleeves after doing extensive research, when i recieved these i tried them on both, for the first hour or so they worked fine, after that they were both stretched out and free fitting. These sleeves were supposed to be the best quality but im of the opinion that i may have gotten old stock or something. Becaused they are so loose after one wear they have become useless to me.