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This product may indeed work as indicated, meaning it will wick away moisture and prevent odors, but is this REALLY because of this supposed copper infusion? We doubt it. (Hint: a cotton athletic sock promises to basically do the same thing.) The study they cite points to copper’s use as an antimicrobial surface talks about when it’s used on tables at hospitals, not weaved into clothing.

However, Copper Fit Back is manufactured by Copper Fit, who also makes a line of copper-infused elbow and knee compression sleeves. Based on more than 80 HighYa reviews, Copper Fit products have an average rating of 2 stars (as of 1/5/14), with common complaints citing poor quality products that don’t perform as advertised, long shipping times, difficulty placing orders (e.g. order totals were much higher and included more products than intended), and poor customer service (reps unwilling to help, numerous upsells during calls, etc.).

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Copper Fit Gloves are form-fitting compression gloves that are designed to support the muscles and joints of the hand while easing pain and swelling. The official product website is, which was registered in November 2017. The screenshot below shows how the product website looked in February 2018. The website has also been used in advertising.
These Copper United elbow sleeves are a perfect solution to your problem. Are you experiencing elbow pain or discomfort?. ANTI-SLIP SYSTEM - A silicone anti-slip line ensuring your sleeve stays always put, no matter what you do - TOP PERFORMANCE - at 88% Top Quality Copper Infused Nylon, our Copper United sleeves are the highest content available, withstand washing and wil.
They are not fair with their refund policy. They refuse to refund any shipping costs, expecting the customer to pay the initial shipping costs plus the shipping cost again to return the item, irrespective of the customer placing a second order due to the size being incorrect. I will not ever make another purchase from them. Their product sizes are not consistent with most other similar garments.

these are great for pain from overuse of my hand. I am an artist so my right hand stays sore a lot. I like these because they go around my bottom knuckles where my fingers attach to the palm of my hand where I get really sore as well as my wrist. I actually use a wrist stabilizer on top of these. They ONLY issue I have with them is that they can be a bit irritating to my skin at times. I guess it's the high copper content. I'm not sure about the validity of claims that copper helps any more than regular compression gloves but these help overall so I guess that is what counts! Thanks.

Copper Fit began as a line of compression products designed to help stabilize and support muscle, provide support for pain, stiffness and soreness, and aid in recovery and performance by supporting improved circulation and oxygenation. Copper’s natural properties provide protection against bacteria that can cause stains, odors and deterioration of products. Copper Fit’s unique compression support can improve circulation and reduce swelling, helping you stay comfortable and supported all day long. Big and Tall up to 4XL.

Copper Fit Socks are infused with copper and gently compress the foot, along with fighting sweatiness and odors that arise during wear. They work so well due to the fact that copper ions have literally been blended into the cotton material during the manufacturing process. In addition to fighting odors, the copper within them will also fight against bacteria more effectively than silver or stainless steel additions. By doing so, it will reduce the risk of stains and product deterioration so that your socks stay in good condition and last longer.
Makers of copper-infused compression sports apparel have also made other unproven claims beyond those addressed in the court settlement. For example, Tommie Copper claims that its products “improve muscle recovery and performance,” and another purveyor called Primary Health Sports claims its compression sleeves “enhance sport performance." However, there is little evidence that shows the efficacy of compressing muscles to improve athletic performance. While some small studies have shown a slight improvement in performance and slightly faster recovery from muscle swelling and pain, most others, including studies of runners, cyclists, and kayakers, have failed to prove that wearing compression garments gave these athletes an edge. To date, there are no large-scale, well-designed studies that have revealed a meaningful link between compression garments and improved athletic performance.
The Arthritis Foundation notes that copper jewelry doesn't ease arthritis, so copper fibers in gloves are unlikely to be effective. If there is no clinical evidence Copper Hands works, why did almost 60 percent of consumers give a four- or five-star rating? The answer might be the placebo effect. This means you may experience a beneficial health outcome that simply results from your belief a product, medication or procedure will help you. The placebo effect can be effective in providing relief from pain, but it is not due to the design of the product.
Copper Fit Back Pro with copper infused compression technology design provides everyday support and relief for lower back. Copper Fit Back Pro as seen on TV is designed to provide support, comfort and relief for lower back muscles. Features adjustable compression straps for perfect form-fitting compression. Copper-infused moisture –wicking fabric absorbs sweat and odors form an active lifestyle or work environment. Yet its contoured, lightweight design fits discreetly under clothes. Provides support you need for greater mobility and comfort. S/M waist 28" – 39", L/XL 39" – 50".
Very comfortable and has grip strips so things are easier to hold. My hands measure between two ranges so I went with the smaller. I might wear these all day and even under a hand brace. Don't know how well they will stand up if doing much with your hands however. Also nothing to say about the copper one way or the other. Just don't know if it helps. Doesn't compress much.
Compression can alleviate swelling and help with recovery in sore muscles, but experts are on the fence if wearing a back brace like Copper Fit Back Pro is a good idea when doing any lifting. Some believe wearing something like Copper Fit Back Pro gives people a false sense of their own strength, causing them to injure themselves when lifting too much.
Compressing the site of an injury is the third step of the recommended treatment for injuries such as muscle strains and ligament sprains, known as RICE—Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Compression works by limiting swelling while providing support to the injured area. Medical compression stockings have also been prescribed to help prevent leg swelling and blood clots in patients who’ve had surgery.
The Copper Compression Anti Fatigue Sock helps to The Copper Compression Anti Fatigue Sock helps to reduce swelling boost circulation and revive tired legs and feet. The sock is thin for added comfort and the lightweight design helps to make it highly discreet. Great for pain management circulation standing for extended periods of time and swelling and can ...  More + Product Details Close
Compressing the site of an injury is the third step of the recommended treatment for injuries such as muscle strains and ligament sprains, known as RICE—Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Compression works by limiting swelling while providing support to the injured area. Medical compression stockings have also been prescribed to help prevent leg swelling and blood clots in patients who’ve had surgery.

When compared to other compression sleeves though, Copper Fit’s namesake is in its copper-infused fabric, which is claimed to help prevent the buildup of bacteria that can lead to the appearance of stains and odors, and that can accelerate fabric deterioration. While these copper ions only make up about 4% of Copper Fit’s total materials, the company makes it seem like it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.