All of the devices mentioned above featured adjustable tension bands, built-in stabilization functions, additional lumbar support, and materials designed to be light and breathable, but not all of them included the copper-infusion found in the product at hand. The purpose of the copper is to reduce odors in this case, so if that isn’t overly important for you, it may not significantly impact your buying decision, but it’s still something to take into account when searching for the ideal product.
Next, based on the product’s website and commercial, other than the copper-infused fabric, there doesn’t seem to be anything readily apparent that would separate Copper Fit Back apart from its competition. In other words, there doesn’t appear to be any reason you’d choose to order Copper Fit Back online (and pay the associated S&H charges) instead of visiting your local big box sporting goods store and purchasing an in-stock lower back brace.
These open-finger compression gloves provide support to the hands for work and play, while the breathable fabric helps minimize moisture and odor. The advertising states that the compression is adjustable, but that is primarily around the wrist area with a Velcro strap that can be used to tighten it. Small rubberized grips also line the palm area to prevent slippage.
Copper Fit Socks are infused with copper and gently compress the foot, along with fighting sweatiness and odors that arise during wear. They work so well due to the fact that copper ions have literally been blended into the cotton material during the manufacturing process. In addition to fighting odors, the copper within them will also fight against bacteria more effectively than silver or stainless steel additions. By doing so, it will reduce the risk of stains and product deterioration so that your socks stay in good condition and last longer.
Purchased this belt for my husband, per his request. He is 82 and loves to work out in the yard. He has many different kinds of support belts and none worked to his expectations. He saw the ad for this belt and wanted to try it. First time he wore it, he came in the house to exclaim how great it felt. Was working in the yard for a few hours -pulling out dead plants, etc - and his lower back felt fine. Of course, because of his age, I called him in, telling him that 3 hours in enough time outside and it was time to come in,take a shower and a nap.He still comments on how good this belt worked for him.
Take on your activities with high-quality Copper Fit from Academy Sports. This gear is designed to motivate and help you get the most out of your activities. When it comes to Copper Fit you never want to settle for anything less than the best. That's why we feature this top-tier brand that provides products you can trust and will want to show off. Quality materials combine with exceptional design to keep you feeling your best. Shop our incredible assortment now to find your new go-to's, or find the perfect birthday or holiday gift for a friend or family member. Any fan of this popular brand would love a gift from this great selection. After all, having the best gear is the best motivation to get up, get out, and get active. You can always count on Academy to have the best assortment of outdoor and indoor essentials that are reliable and ready for anything you are.
Don't let pain and stiffness stop you cold. From your trusted friends at COPPER FIT, come our new COPPER FIT copper infused compression gloves. Designed to support muscles and joints and help relieve stiffness and soreness in your wrist, palms and fingers. Form fitting like a second layer of skin, adjustable compression and an open finger design for open feel and control. Have hand and finger numbness. Does your desk job make you sore and your fingers have numbness and tightness from all day computer work and typing. Try COPPER FIT Compression Gloves. Suitable for Men and Women of all Ages.
Products listed as Out of Stock are currently not in stock at the store(s) being viewed. Note that in some instances, very limited inventory may be available in stores, but because of small quantities we are unable to reflect the availability online. Please remember to check back – if or when inventory is replenished and available, this will be reflected online.
The advertising for Copper Fit Gloves hints that they can be used to increase performance and also lessen pain and stiffness. As someone who owns numerous Copper Fit products and has used support gloves for those reasons, I do know that such a garment can provide a moderate amount of relief. Keep in mind that wearing compression-wear won’t address an underlying condition, but in some circumstances it can provide enough support to allow you to function.
Shipping time is measured on a geological timescale. The product can't be effective if you don't get it. Supreme disappointment. I'd rather continue to try the myriad options at the pharmacy counter than do business with these jokers again. I would cancel the order and request a refund, but the reviews here lead me to assume that would be pointless.
I've used this product and brand for since 2012. It's true that it's not breathable because of the type of material-not ideal for hot climate or those in the military sweating a lot. In-door worker use is probably ideal. I'm a nurse 12-hour shift. It works for me. The material got thicker so it feels more supported, firmer. And for me, there is a significant difference in wearing it and not. What it really does is correct/support my lower back/pelvis curvature and thereby maintaining a good posture and center of gravity and lower low back stress.

Get the Support Your Need CopperFit PRO is designed for athletes, weekend warriors or anyone with an active lifestyle seeking relief. CopperFit PRO is built tough to stand up to your most extreme training, but still comfortable enough for everyday wear. All Copper Fit products are made of high-quality performance fabrics with wicking technology to help you stay cool and dry. How Quickly Will I Feel the Benefits? Many people report feeling immediate relief when wearing CopperFit. It's important to remember that the benefits of wearing your support can only be felt when they are worn and sized properly.   When Should I Wear a Copper Fit Support? Copper Fit can be worn anytime; while participating in physical activity, moderate activity, or when completely at rest. They're great for daytime and nighttime. Copper Fit supports offer the highest quality comfort fit, making them ideal for extended wear. Many people benefit from wearing Copper Fit all day long, underneath their clothes. The contoured, slim and lightweight design fits discreetly under clothes. How do I determine sizing? The sleeve includes adjustable compression straps to customize your fit for form-fitting support. There is a chart that makes finding the right Copper Fit size simple. All you need to do is take an easy waist measurement and find the corresponding size on the chart. Sizing Waist S/M - 28" - 39" L/XL - 39" - 50".
Copper Fit® knows what it's like when you are unable to perform at your best. We know the cycle of soreness, pain, and longer recovery periods. We believe there is a better way. We are motivated by the idea of living in a world with less pain and increased mobility; encouraged by new technologies, materials, and fabrics designed to improve performance, support joints and muscles and aid in recovery. Millions of people, from extreme athletes to everyday people, have already benefited from Copper Fit® products. We always keep them and our mission in mind: to seek new technologies that support vibrant, healthy lifestyles.
The Copper Fit Gloves will make a great gift for almost anyone in your life who does any work with their hands. They're compact, so they won't be difficult to wrap or carry, and since they only come in one shade, you won't have to make a color choice. If you're not sure what size to get the recipient, the Small / Medium will probably work for someone who has smaller-than-average hands. On the other hand, if you think the person in question has hands that are larger than average, it's probably best to get them the larger size.
For the past four years, my husband has been traveling for work. Round trip, we drive/ride for five hours weekly. Little did we know that this would have a huge impact on our bodies. Not only was the ride impactful, but sleeping in a hotel bed continued to place more stress on our lower backs. While surfing the internet, I stumbled across the Copper Fit advertisement. Reluctantly, I purchased the Copper Fit Back product. To my amazement, the product has performed according to its advertising claims. I wear the belt when I am bending, stooping and riding in the car. I also wear it to bed when sleeping on the hotel bed. Each morning my back feels refreshed and I can move free of pain.
Instead of wicking away sweat like the Copper Fit Socks, many other sport socks will trap sweat and its accompanying odors in the socks and your shoes. This ends up making feet very smelly once the shoes and socks are taken off. Furthermore, most pairs of sport socks do not provide compression or offer the numerous benefits of copper that these ones do.
Bought these for my mother in-law, who has Osteoarthritis in her knees. She has used them for several weeks now (I purchased 2) - and she now has another option when it comes to pain management. I'm writing this testimonial on her behalf. She's told me that they are super comfortable, the material is very breathable and has some sort of anti-odor properties, as it is super hot where I live and she says she lets them air out at night. She wears them when she goes out walking and says they help immensely. I would recommend these for anyone looking for an inexpensive option - just anything to help that's not medicinal.