I originally purchased a size LARGE knee sleeve for husband who needs total knee replacement but is putting it off for now for multiple reasons. My husband swears by this brand from Walmart is as good as the more expensive brand that came out.takes away his knee pain and he is able to work at his very highly physically demanding job! I recently got a "BAKERS CYST" from a knee injury and my husband insisted I use his knee sleeve (he has several now) and my thigh is chubbier at 23" diameter, but the Large fit me as it does stretch ALOT! I could not believe my pain was gone within minutes and I went from LIMPING around at work to walking!! Yes it still is stiff but I noticed also the cyst is DRAINING NOW!! Only drawback is the band at top does roll back a little and hurts so I ordered a bigger size but being this takes my pain away, well that's one battle I did not mind compromising to! Getting rid of PAIN at a small cost literally!! I don't think these work on chronic bone problems for everyone but it did for my husband and it worked for my arthritis and bakers cyst!!!

I've used this product and brand for since 2012. It's true that it's not breathable because of the type of material-not ideal for hot climate or those in the military sweating a lot. In-door worker use is probably ideal. I'm a nurse 12-hour shift. It works for me. The material got thicker so it feels more supported, firmer. And for me, there is a significant difference in wearing it and not. What it really does is correct/support my lower back/pelvis curvature and thereby maintaining a good posture and center of gravity and lower low back stress.

Harmon Myers, D.O., a member of the faculty of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, said in an interview on drweil.com that a back brace “by its very nature limits the motion of certain muscles, which over a long-term weakens an area. Postural problems usually require exercises and evaluation of the patient’s workplace by an occupational therapist.”

I bought a second pair from Amazon and the box looked legit but the product is different. The ones from Amazon had a different top elastic where the grippy part that keeps them up was not sticky at all. From the first day a bought them, they immediately fall down. They can not be worn when walking. Just waking ten feet from my office to the kitchen and the fall down below my knee. The original pair from bed bath beyond never had this problem until they were many months old and stretched from wear.