And even if they do fit you perfectly and deliver immediate results from your discomfort, we feel it’s important to maintain realistic expectations. After all, after watching Jerry Rice and Brett Favre endorse Copper Fit Gloves in the commercial, it might be easy to expect revolutionary results, such as immediately getting back into sports after years out of the game.
As it turns out, there are a number of products competing for many of the same customers, including several popular options sold on mega-marketplaces like Of these, the three most popular (and similar to the Copper Fit product) we encountered were the Copper Compression Recovery back brace, the BraceUP Stabilizing Lumbar brace, and the Venom Lumbar back brace.
Better than a $1,000.00 brace. Always very athletic and injury prone. After a major car accident and destroying my back, I often have muscle spasms and nerve pain. This brace has done wonders for me. All their products have helped me stay youthful and active in my business endeavors and with my children. No meds is the best part. I love all the copper-infused products! I bought mine at HEB and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Relieve muscle stiffness, soreness and pain with Copper Fit elbow and knee sleeves. Infused with the highest quality copper, this lightweight antimicrobial performance fabric provides comfortable compression for support and extended wear. Helps improve circulation, prevents strain and speeds healing. Polyester/spandex/copper. Machine wash and dry. Imported. For elbow measure around bicep; for knee measure around thigh.
Copper Fit® knows what it's like when you are unable to perform at your best. We know the cycle of soreness, pain, and longer recovery periods. We believe there is a better way. We are motivated by the idea of living in a world with less pain and increased mobility; encouraged by new technologies, materials, and fabrics designed to improve performance, support joints and muscles and aid in recovery. Millions of people, from extreme athletes to everyday people, have already benefited from Copper Fit® products. We always keep them and our mission in mind: to seek new technologies that support vibrant, healthy lifestyles.
As you might imagine, there can be dozens (perhaps even hundreds) of different causes of leg and feet swelling and pain, including water retention (usually the result of standing or sitting for too long), an allergic reaction, certain medications (some severe), as well as many medical conditions. Regardless of what causes it though, leg and arm swelling is a condition known as peripheral edema.
The Arthritis Foundation notes that copper jewelry doesn't ease arthritis, so copper fibers in gloves are unlikely to be effective. If there is no clinical evidence Copper Hands works, why did almost 60 percent of consumers give a four- or five-star rating? The answer might be the placebo effect. This means you may experience a beneficial health outcome that simply results from your belief a product, medication or procedure will help you. The placebo effect can be effective in providing relief from pain, but it is not due to the design of the product.
I bought these on closeout at walgreen's and glad I did not pay full price. Within two days I returned remaining un-opened packs, and had put the used socks at the bottom of my sock drawer for "out of clean socks" only use. Copper-fit may be one of the most over-hyped ( including a Brett Favre endorsement ) products I've ever fell prey to buying. There is absolutely nothing special about this product compared to other ( usually less expensive ) comparable products, nor IMO do these products provide any of the copper related benefits the manufacturer claims they provide. Save your money, and stay away form this over hyped - over priced product. I'm glad I only paid clearance for the items I actually used, and as a result kept.
I have a knee problem that only causes pain when the knee goes sideways. Walking normally does not cause pain. And you can keep the knee movement pain-free, when you are awake. But at night the uncontrolled side to side movements of the knee when I was trying to sleep in a bed would awake me with pain. I've lived with the pain for about two years. I don't want knee surgery or a new knee cap. Before Copper Sleeve I found it was less painful to sleep in a chair than to try to sleep in a bed. Graduating away from the chair back to the bed I then tried Salon Pas (topical aspirin patches) on the sore spots around the knee, and that made the pain go away so that I could sleep normally in a bed. But prolonged use of the stick-on patches (every night) would irritate the skin and make it raw. So when I saw the TV advertisements for Copper Fit I thought, why not? Copper Fit is really not much more expensive than an ACE compression bandage from Wal-Mart. So I bought one Copper Fit knee sleeve in January 2016. Wow! The Copper Fit knee sleeve worked! Not an all-at-once miracle-type cure, but with nightly use the pain receded the longer I wore the Copper Fit knee sleeve. Blessed relief and longer sleep periods without pain! The first Copper Fit knee sleeve lasted about four months, and I noticed that as it expanded and lost its compression elasticity the pain would return. So I bought another one (well actually I bought a whole lot of them from the Amazon scratch and dent site called warehouse deals in April) and Wow again! With the new tight compression Copper Fit sleeve the side to side knee pain disappeared again. So for around $2.25 a month, I sleep almost pain free. I may have an occasional twinge, but it no longer wakes me up. So to sum up, I find the Copper Fit Knee Sleeve to be an excellent, drug-free, non-invasive way to treat the pain symptom of my knee problem and make it go away; but please note that the Copper Fit Knee Sleeve is NOT a cure for my knee problem which causes the pain. The Copper Fit Knee Sleeve is worth every penny to me and it is cheaper than using Salon Pas topical aspirin patches to treat the knee pain! Highly Recommended.