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When obtaining a pair of these gloves, you can choose between a Small / Medium size and a Large / XL size. A pair of gloves in the smaller size measures between 2.75 and 3.25 inches from the wrist hole to the top of the finger holes, with some finger holes measuring slightly longer than others. The larger size measures between. 3.25 and 3.75 inches for that same area.
Enjoy the support and relief offered by this As-Seen-on-TV Copper-Fit Back Pro L-XL. The strength of its compression technology provides more confidence during movement. Wear this copper-infused back brace under everyday clothing and sports outfits to apply firm pressure to your lower back muscles as you walk, stretch, bend and run. Adjustable straps allow you to find a custom fit for the right hold and continuous comfort. The moisture-wicking fabric of this copper-infused back support helps absorb sweat and odors to keep you dry and confident on your most active days. Its strong hold allows a greater degree of mobility. Forget all about this lightweight band after you quickly wrap it around your middle. Its contoured shape flattens your belly area as the brace hugs you discreetly under any clothing. A uni-sex look makes the As-Seen-on-TV Copper-Fit Back Pro L-XL a wonderful gift for men and women with a busy, high-energy lifestyle!
I have been using the Copper Fit for about a month. I have a couple of bulged discs, and this has helped with my back problems. I walk about 8-10 miles a day, and since I have started wearing this brace, I have not had to take any pain medications. The brace is very comfortable and does not restrict movement. I am hoping that by wearing this brace that it will keep me from taking pain medications.

These are my favorite go to socks. I love them so much that I now have SIX pair. They wash beautifully, and look great with everything from Jeans to dress slacks.Honestly, I hate socks...I hate shoes too! But when you leave the house, of course they are a must. I also travel a LOT, so compression socks are a requirement for me. I've tried so many and these are the first brand that really do the trick AND don't bother me at all. I actually forget that I even have them on.

As to how my parents felt when I gave them their own back supports they immediately felt relief. They have been using them daily for six months now, and they still rave about how good they feel when they are wearing the copper fit. I have seen them try others, but they didn't like how bulky they were. By the way, my parents are 89 and 91 years old and since they have been wearing the back supports it's like a new lease on life!

Opened item but never used. FREE SHIPPING—Description Copper Fit Compression Knee Sleeve Copper Infused Size XL Anti-Odor Uni-sex Material: 85% Polyester W/ Copper, 12% Spandex Size: XL Inches around thigh 19.5"-21" Features & details Product information Product Dimensions 10 x 4 x 2 inches Item Weight 3.52 ounces Shipping Weight 3.52 ounces Manufacturer Idea Village Copper Fit Copper Infused Compression Knee Sleeve | XLarge | Unisex | ASOTV. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS First Class Package.
Does this mean your discomfort will be reduced? As your doctor will certainly tell you, this largely depends on what’s causing your discomfort in the first place. For example, as we outlined in the first section, are your ankles swollen to the point of being painful? If so, compression socks like Energy Socks might be able to help. Just remember that we’re not told exactly how much compression Energy Socks provide, or whether or not this will be enough to deliver results.

I bought my Copper Fit Back support from the As Seen On TV section of Walmart. It worked well for about a month and then it started to wear out. It started stretching out and you have to pull it tighter and tighter until eventually, it was thin is a belt. I started having to actually wear mine with an onion underneath it just to get support for my spine. For the same price, you can get a Mueller brand or Ace Bandage brand back support that works even better.

After you put them on, these gloves deliver gentle compression to the hands, wrists, and fingers, which'll help relieve aches, pains or any other type of discomfort you may feel within those areas. You can adjust the level of compression by adjusting the tightness of the wrist strap on each glove. If you pull the strap tighter, the compression level will increase, while it'll decrease if you leave it looser. The Copper Fit Gloves have also been designed to help increase circulation, so if you have poor circulation for any reason, you may find them helpful in that way, too.
I’m 30 and have fibro, and lately have been waking up with stiff, swollen and painful hands. I also have Raynauds Symdrome and its winter so that may play into this issue as well.. the gloves, when worn to bed, actually do prevent much of the pain the next morning. I was very surprised. These are also very comfortable, I got a different pair as a gift and those ones have a seam on the thumb that literally rubbed my thumb joint raw in one night! Took days to heal and I never wore those gloves again. These ones rock! Comfort, compression (gentle) and ride of pain.ill take it!
Shipping time is measured on a geological timescale. The product can't be effective if you don't get it. Supreme disappointment. I'd rather continue to try the myriad options at the pharmacy counter than do business with these jokers again. I would cancel the order and request a refund, but the reviews here lead me to assume that would be pointless.
Two years ago I purchased Copper Fit socks when the material breakdown was 91% nylon and the product was sold two pairs per box for around $14.00. I was very satisfied with the compression, and the socks were very comfortable! But now the socks are made with only 84% nylon and do not stay up! They are now sold one pair per box at $10.00, but I will not recommend this product until they make them with 91% nylon. I have sent the company five emails with no response. Do not waste your money! Walmart has a better compression sock for around $19.99 a pair (ABD sport socks).