Two years ago I purchased Copper Fit socks when the material breakdown was 91% nylon and the product was sold two pairs per box for around $14.00. I was very satisfied with the compression, and the socks were very comfortable! But now the socks are made with only 84% nylon and do not stay up! They are now sold one pair per box at $10.00, but I will not recommend this product until they make them with 91% nylon. I have sent the company five emails with no response. Do not waste your money! Walmart has a better compression sock for around $19.99 a pair (ABD sport socks).
I am always skeptical of these new products, that are supposed to cure all. I remember the days I have read of about the snake oil salesman , who had a potion that would fix any ailment. I have heard of the benefits of copper bracelets and infused fabric for years. I think it all matters, to the individual. I am 54 years old and worked in the construction industry for 25 years , spent 8 seasons in Alaska being a chef, at world famous fishing lodges working 12 to 16 hours a day for weeks and have some major aches and pains in my larger sized body. I love to get out in the field,to fish and hunt ,but sometimes struggle with pain in my knee ,especially when I really spend a lot of time abusing my knees ,on my feet ,doing cooking demos , hiking up a canyon , hunting for a Mule Deer or upland birds, at a large outdoor convention, or 50 miles out in the Pacific Ocean ,on a tuna fishing trip,on a rough ocean. All of these things take a toll on my body parts . I got this product to test and review for free ,for an honest and unbiased review, so I can tell you that if I wear this product before, during and a short time after I abuse my body parts, I do feel less pain and soreness during my activities and in the short term period ,after the activity is done. I am not sure if it is the compression ,or the copper infused fabric . Sizing is important ,so make sure you go big ,to make sure you can wear with comfort .I give this product a semi high recommendation,stating that it helped my pain ,and could work for your needs. {FISHGRILLER APPROVED }